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Welcome to people finder UK.

If you need to locate or find a person within the UK then we recommend 192’s electoral roll search system. (Click on the banner to the right to start your search)

Finding people using the 192 system is incredibly easy, fast and is free to try!

Electoral roll data from 2000 right up to 2012 is available enabling you to find people fast anywhere in the UK

People Finding made easy

All you need to find people in the UK is the persons first name and surname. If you have an indication of where they may be living ie Chepstow area, a particular county or part of a postcode this can help cut down the search results and allow you to find people faster.

A wealth of people finding information

Not only will address details be shown for the people you are trying to find but also birth, death, marriage and company director information, helping you build up a detailed picture of the person you ned to find

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Finding people in the UK.

In order to find UK people you just need the persons first and last name, if you have an idea of where they may be living ie a radius of 9 miles from  Morecambe this will help to reduce the number of results and enable you to find the person you are looking for quicker.

192 is an excellent people finder system for searching the Electoral rolls. Click on the banners if you want to have a look at their websites or to find people, its free to try!

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